Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Circle of Life

We had some sad news with our worm farm today, but also a great discovery! Unfortunately, Slimy did not make it. :-(  The students were heartbroken and asked if we can bury him and have a memorial service! They are so sweet at this age! Shortly after finding Slimy, we found a baby worm in the soil! He was tiny but looked just like the adult worms! One boy in the class got really excited and said "IT HAS TO BE SLIMY'S BABY! We learned that some animals die right after they have a baby!! We should name it Slimy Jr." Then another said "so wait Miss Hunt, if there is a baby worm, that meas that a girl worm and a boy worm had to...." I had never been so grateful to line up for Music before in my life!!!! So without further ado, I shall introduce......

Slimy Jr.

~Miss Hunt

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