Friday, February 24, 2012

Scrambled States of America game!

After making the Even Steven Odd Todd game (which you can check out here),  I decided to create a series of games based on children's books as a project for my Literacy class. The first game I made is based on The Scrambled States of America by Laurie Keller

The game asks students to identify where various states are on a map of the United States. You can download the game cards, rules, and game board for FREE here and here. Enjoy!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

The First Mr. President

I recently taught my first graders a lesson about George Washington. For this lesson, I created a George Washington Fact Book and a fun review activity. You can download the book  and activity for free by following the links.

The activity involved creating a 3-d model of the Washington Monument. The kiddos had a blast cutting, folding, and most importantly playing with it!

We included two sentences on the sheet that (after filling in the blanks) says "The Washington Monument is named after George Washington. He was the first president of the United States." '

I hope this book and activity are helpful! Let me know if you're able to use it! :-)

Thursday, February 9, 2012

1st Grade Proverbs

Today I gave my first graders the beginning of a popular proverb or saying and asked them to finish the sentence. The results are hilarious!!

A bird in the hand….
  • ·         can’t fly in the rain.
  • ·         is pecking the person.
  • ·         is in the palm.
  • ·         means a cat in the hand too.
  • ·         Is trying to fly away!
Strike while…
  • ·         the bike is riding.
  • ·         the fairy is flying.
  • ·         the ball is flying.
  • ·         the cat runs.
Cleanliness is next to…
  • ·         the mop.
  • ·         the bathtub.
  • ·         happiness.
  • ·         the pig.
  • ·         being shiny.
  • ·         a tractor.
Curiosity killed…
  • ·         a deer.
  • ·         a pig.
  • ·         a person.
  • ·         an elephant.
  • ·         a dog.
You can lead a horse to water…
  • ·         or you can give him a bucket of water.
  • ·         while he’s walking.
  • ·         by sitting on him and kicking him.
  • ·         and giddy-up
  • ·         and he’ll drink it.
  • ·        and you can lead it to food, too.
  • ·        and you can lead a hound dog to water too! 
Birds of a feather…
  • ·         use their feathers.
  • ·         are friends.
  • ·         are soft.
  • ·         can fly!
It’s better to give than…
  • ·         eat food.
  • ·         to cry.
  • ·         share.
  • ·         take.
  • ·         to keep it if you don’t like it.
You can’t have your cake….
  • ·         and your dog.
  • ·         and ice cream too.
  • ·         at lunch.
  • ·         after a bath.
  • ·         in the car.
  • ·         until you get presents.
Love is…
  • ·         families.
  • ·         giving somebody a hug.
  • ·         kisses.
  • ·         respect.
  • ·         happiness.
  • ·         in your heart.
  • ·         for sharing!
  • ·         my mom and a dog.
A penny saved is…
  •  one cent.
  •   money!
  •   in a piggy bank.
  •   on Abraham Lincoln.
What’s good for the goose is…
  •  a chicken.
  • pizza.
All’s fair in…
  • ·        basketball.
  • ·        July.
  • ·        a birdhouse.
  • ·        the office!
  • ·        times when you don’t got nothing.
Do unto others as…
  • ·        you help them.
  • ·        you’re walking.
  • ·        sharing.
  • ·        you play.
What goes up…
  • ·        is a bird and a plane.
  • ·        is a balloon.
  • ·        goes down!
What you see is…
  • ·        a bird.
  • ·        a dog.
  • ·        pigeons.
The best things in life…
  • ·        you can hug.
  • ·        is animals.
  • ·        is flying a kite.
  • ·        is eating!
  • ·        is Superman!
  • ·        is a tractor and a dog.
An apple a day…
  • ·         is one whole apple.
  • ·         it helps you.
  • ·         fell off of a tree.
  • ·         is too many apples!
  • ·         and a banana at night!

What creative little minds they have! What's your favorite?

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Even Steven and Odd Todd

I will be teaching my kiddos about even and odd numbers tomorrow! As part of the lesson, I will read the book Even Steven and Odd Todd.
To go with it, I created a dice game! The game is for two students. One will be Even Steven and one will be Odd Todd. The kids take turns rolling a die and moving that number of spaces around the board. Even Steven may only move if he or she rolls an even number and Odd Todd may only move if he or she rolls an odd number.

For a FREE download of this game, go here. Enjoy!