Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Classroom Library Book Labels

I finally graduated in May with my Masters of Art in Teaching and received my teaching license early in July! I am now officially certified to teach pre-k through sixth grade! :-) Its been a hectic summer of applying for teaching positions and going to interviews. I am still waiting for that right position to come along, but until then I have started preparing for having my very own classroom!

 The first item on my agenda was to sort through my CRAZILY MASSIVE perfectly reasonable collection of children's books. As I pulled out the books that I want to include in my classroom library, I started thinking about how to keep them from getting lost. I definitely didn't want to hand-write my name in every book, so I came up with a wonderful new plan!

After a quick trip to Wal-Mart, I had just what I needed - Avery's sticky name badge/label thingys. I dowloaded the customizable template from their website and designed my own book labels. It was super easy and  I LOVED being able to stick one in the front of each book and be done!!

They say "Please read and return to Miss Hunt's classroom library!" (I couldn't resist adding the cutie poodles! :-)  )

I think they turned out great!I have a ton left, so as I add a new book, it's just  peel, stick, done!

~Miss Hunt