Monday, December 5, 2011

Writing Rocks!

I came up with this idea after seeing a post on a blog about "poetry pebbles". I loved the idea, but wanted to expand it beyond just poetry so......Writing Rocks! were born!

I simply wrote random (but interesting) words on rocks and the kids think it's the greatest thing ever! I used two different kinds of rocks for this. The white ones closer to the bag above were landscaping stones. The gray and black rocks are aquarium stones from the pet aisle at Wal-Mart. The aquarium stones are smoother and feel better, but the Sharpie rubs off after a while. As of now, these are in the writing center with the following list of options:
  • Write a story using at least five words
  •  Write ten sentences
  • Look up words you don’t know in the dictionary and write their definitions
  • Make up categories that you can sort the words into and record your sort
  • Write every word once
  • Write 15 words two times each
  • Write 20 words in ABC order
When I have my own classroom, I would like to experiment with using these for spelling words. A more fun (and tangible) way to sort the words! 

~Miss Hunt