Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Worm Farm?!?

The first teachable moment with my third graders was the creation of our class worm farm! We will use the worms to discuss numerous topics in science over the next eight weeks including what animals need to survive, habitats, ecosystems, food chains, decomposers, and soil. We put the worm farm together as a class today and the kiddos had a BLAST! First we put our soil in the fish bowl and moistened it (a little too much!)
Then each student had a chance to hold a worm before we put them in. We ended up using eight worms for this bowl. We then buried diced apple peels for the worms to eat. 

Finally we put a screen on the bowl to keep the worms in and covered it with a towel to keep the light out. The kids and I are so excited to take care of our worms and watch their behavior!

SOLs covered: 3.1 (observations), 3.4 (animal adaptations), 3.5 (food chains), 3.6 (ecosystems), 3.7 (soil), 3.8 (animal life cycles), 3.10 (human impact on habitats)
~Miss Hunt

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