Monday, July 29, 2013

What Stuck With You Today? - Exit Tickets

Exit tickets. A wonderful tool for formative assessment, but a real pain to keep track of!! Exit tickets and I have had a love/hate relationship for wayyy too long now! I tried multiple different ways of using exit tickets in my classroom last year, but couldn't find one I was happy with . I could never keep track of 15 or more little pieces of paper, and it was just too time consuming to collect a sheet, check it, and pass it back to use again. After scouring Pinterest for a solution to this problem, I combined several ideas and created something I LOVE using!!!

What Stuck With You Today:

Each kiddo was assigned a number on the chart and given a pad of sticky notes. When it was time for the exit ticket, I posted the question on the board. Students wrote their response on a sticky note and stuck it in their square on the poster.

It was SO EASY to go through and check each note! It kept all of the papers nice and the best part was that it didn't matter whether the kids wrote their name on it or not, as long as it was in the correct square! 

~Miss Hunt

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